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Our story

Upasana is the creative heart of Kumara. Her grandfather, Kumara Kurup, was an Ayurvedic doctor in Kerala, India who spent his life healing his neighbors and family using natural remedies. For generations, her family has passed on the tradition of healing with Ayurveda for everything from scrapes to skin troubles to autoimmune issues. Upasana has treasured her grandfather's recipes for years, and now she wants to pass on his beloved remedies so others can cherish them too.

Cansu is the driving force of Kumara. A brilliant numbers person, Cansu spent years working in finance. After several of her family members experiencing health crises, Cansu realized she needed to find a new way of living a healthy, well-balanced life. She now supports female entrepreneurs across industries build businesses that they believe in.

Cansu and Upasana have been friends for over a decade, supporting each other as they pursued two high-stress careers in business and finance. After many months of planning, they started Kumara as a labor of love for three reasons:
1) a hope to honor Kumara's legacy -- after sharing his formula with friends and family, they saw the transformative power it has to heal, soothe, and rejuvenate tired skin
2) a way to do good in the world - Cansu and Upasana have pledged to share 1% of their profits to Ayurvedic educational institutions in India to support women studying to become practitioners
3) an energizing creative outlet that stretched their entrepreneurial muscles

We hope you will support our small, women-owned brand as we embark on this journey to bring the power of Ayurveda to people everywhere.