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Kumara's Story

Kumara Kurup spent his career as an Ayurvedic doctor healing local townspeople in Haripad for over 50 years. He studied, lived, and worked in Kerala, the spiritual heartland of Ayurveda.

He was also his granddaughter's beloved  "Appupan" - a funny, fiercely loving grandfather with a razor sharp wit. Whenever a member of his family called him asking for help, he would listen carefully, consult his encyclopedic memory of Ayurvedic treatments, decide on a formulation, and send them to his family around the world.

He developed the core recipe of the Ranjana Glow Mask to treat the very real worries of his granddaughters as they fought the scars and melanin left behind by acne. He knew that the right blend of natural ingredients could not only reveal glowing skin, but also help rebuild their confidence.

Today, we want to bring that same loving care and attention to you through Kumara.

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