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What skin types does the Ranjana Glow Mask work for?

All types! We've tested extensively on a variety of skin types, skin tones, ages, and ethnic backgrounds to ensure our formula is not too harsh for sensitive skin and still has the potency of Kumara's original formula.

If you have sensitive skin, we recommend leaving the mask on for at most 15 minutes before washing off.

Are your products natural?

Yes! We worked with an organic chemist with expertise in both Ayurvedic and Western skincare to develop a formula that is 100% natural, shelf stable for at least 12 months, and meets the "clean beauty" standards at Whole Foods, Sephora, Follain and others.

Are your products sustainable?

Yes! We care deeply about this planet and conserving its resources. Every step in our packaging has been designed to be recycled or composted -- our jars are made from glass and bamboo, our boxes are recyclable cardboard, and for filler in our mailboxes we use paper "bubble-wrap" that can be composted. Please recycle and reuse.

How do I apply the Ranjana Glow Mask?

Great question! Here's your 4 steps to glowing skin:

1. Using the spatula provided with the full size jar, apply a teaspoon amount of the mask all over the face, avoiding eyes.
2. Let sit for 15-20 minutes.
3. Rinse off (no soap needed!) and pat dry.
4. Moisturize as usual.

We suggest washing it off in the shower -- the ingredients are quite potent and we worked hard with our chemist to make sure the active ingredients form 26% of the total volume of the mask (most skincare products only use <2% of their hero ingredients).

How often should I apply the mask?

We recommend starting with 2x and working your way to 3x a week. And be sure to take before and after photos -- we would love to see your results!

Why is it called "Ranjana"?

Ranjana is from Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language. Ranjana is both a woman's name and a word for red sandalwood, our hero ingredient in this mask. We do our best to support women suppliers (e.g., our designers, chemist, photographer) with our business so it felt like the perfect name for our first product.

Who are you?

We are Cansu and Upasana, a pair of best friends embarking on a hard but  exciting journey as entrepreneurs. Here's our story.

I love the mask! How can I support you?

Thank you! We're a small business completely bootstrapped by our two founders, so every little bit of support helps. Please tell your friends! Tag us on Insta (@trykumara) or Facebook and share a review on our site.

What product are you coming out with next?

We are busily working on a moisturizing balm help hydrate and lock in that post-Ranjana glow. With support from customers like you, we hope to release it in 2022.